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Technology-based creative works

Technology Based Learning Environment

This is a video tour of multimedia instructional materials embedded in a learning management system. These materials were created as part of an assignment for course LTEC 6260: Creating Technology Based Learning Environments.

The combination of district provided computing devices and learning management systems (LMS) potentially allows students’ access to a variety of instructional materials in and outside of the classroom. This site provides students with teacher created and third-party multimedia materials (used with permission) as instruction and information to complete technology-based assignments and projects. The multimedia instructional materials are delivered in an LMS. The creation of multimedia instructional materials and the use of third-party created video instruction can save teachers time in creating materials, allow students access to expert instruction in areas the classroom teacher may not be expert in, and potentially create more class time for the classroom teacher to help students individually during class time. The final paper that accompanied this project can be found on the Writings page of this website.

Interactive Adventure Game

This is a video tour of the group project assignment for course LTEC 6210: Interactive Multimedia Theory and Design. The assignment was to design an interactive learning experience for the student to interact with the project via a web-based interface. Project participants were Barbara Freedman, Jaime Reborn, Ron Steiner, and Jessyca Wagner. The concept and art work was used with permission from Rodney Talley at Child Safety Apps.

The interactive multimedia adventure game Beetle Bug Fire Safety Adventure Game was developed as a tool for parents to use with children ages 2 – 5. The game aims to help parents teach children the importance of developing a fire safety plan for the home and training children on the concept of leaving the home in the event of a fire. In the game, children are asked to imagine they are in their home and are given basic choices they might encounter in the event of a fire. All choices eventually lead to the ultimate goal of leaving the home safely and convening at a location outside the home with other family members. Developers envision the game to possibly be used in a research project by preschool educators on the efficacy of a multimedia tool to teach concepts of safety to preschool children. The final paper that accompanied this project can be found on the Writings page of this website.

Doctoral Portfolio Website

The Oxford Handbook of Technology and Music Education

This website was created as the Final Project for the course LTEC 5420:Web Authoring. The assignment was to use Dreamweaver to create a minimum of five HTML web pages using a responsive design to function properly on a desk top, tablet, and phone. Page layouts are to be controlled via a unique and customized CSS.

This website also fulfills the requirements of the UNT Department of Learning Technologies requirements for the Qualifying Exam: Portfolio.